Rob Oakshott may be a little unpredictable at times but his statement that “GONSKI’S EDUCATION REVIEW IS THE UNFINISHED BUSINESS OF THE 43rd PARLIAMENT” is worth noting.

He reminds us that with all education sectors giving the Gonski Report the thumbs up and the Commonwealth appearing to endorse it  (without committing funds at this stage) now is the critical time for all concerned citizens and educators to lobby your state Government on this matter.

This may be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity

Write, email, twitter, petition your education Minister or Premier and make sure that they know that their position on this matter at the Education Ministers Forum (MCEECDYA) and at COAG is being watched.  Urge them to negotiate with a commitment to an outcome that moves us forward.  Let us make sure that they don’t waste this opportunity!

Oakshott’s media release can be found at http://roboakeshott.com/node/1263


2 thoughts on “Gonski: NOW IS THE TIME TO LOBBY ALL STATES

  1. I agree that this time must not be lost. There is no such thing as an ‘average’ government school. The formula of the Coalition for funding public schools allowed the Coalition government to ignore the differences, the needs, the range of students, the distances, the historical background, the health of communities as well as the range of capacities, needs and interests of students and their families as well as the potential in the circumstances they faced for their futures. Just as the income gap between the wealthy and the rest of us has widened, so the gap between the support for the well-endowed private schools and Australia’s public schools was allowed to widen to the disadvantage of the public schools.However the concentration on ‘the knowledge economy’ is not enough. We are a society, a nation where the quality of our engagement with its government, and our capacity to think for ourselves and not be deluded or directed by this or that
    pressure group with loads of money for advertising is of vital importance to the quality of the lives we provide for the future.

  2. Now is the time to take over the private schools so dependent upon public money and rationalise them.

    If they take public money they should be open to all students and offensive to none.

    The billions of dollars spent on dividing our nation’s children to keep religious men in a job and divide our nation along sectarian and class lines is becoming far too expensive.

    And now, our public systems are going to be overtaken and privatised.

    The Asian countries aren’t so stupid. They educate ALL their children.


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