Teaching about peace and conflict without being overwhelmed

The terrible violence in Gaza has had many of us wondering if there will ever be any sustainable progress  towards building a peaceful and just settlement in this region.

Current events are of course very important ‘resources’ for teaching, but they also present their own challenges.  Not least of these is the danger of inadvertently constructing a view of world events where war, violence and conflict are inevitable and where some regional conflicts will never improve.

For this reason I am posting this video that you might wish to consider as a teaching resource, that could help to place  current events in a longer term context.  It was  sourced from Dr Kevin Clements a dedicated Quaker peace scholar and activist.


Sometimes stepping back and taking a longer term view of things can provide a fresh and perhaps more hopeful perspective.

It was produced by the War Prevention Initiative of the Jubitz Family Foundation and based on historian Kent Shifferd’s “From War to Peace“.   This slideshow describes 28 trends leading to the evolution of a global peace system.

You are warmly encouraged to send in your feedback.


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