I always knew this day was coming.

And the latest development in GERM in NZ. Worth a read. It includes a scathing critique of organisation – in this case a union, capitulating for faux reasons but really to be ‘in the tent’ ehere the power is and presumably some crumbs from the table


Dear reader 

My new Windows programme cannot take the export of my addresses for posting alerts. A supporter of networkonnet has started the mammoth task of retyping the nearly 4000 addresses.

It will be some days before the posting alerts can be sent. Would you get the word out for networkonnet readers to click to the new website networkonnet.wordpress.com

I can imagine Peter Hughes, Hekia Parata, and Phil Harding getting some humour from the situation — a judgement from above — to be honest, in a grim way, I can see the funny side of this, too. The timing is amazing.

However, this posting should take any smile off their faces.

All the best on my birthday.

Kelvin Smythe

I always knew this day was coming.

Readers may have read my most recent posting which — after a brief introductory account of personal experiences leading up to Tomorrow ’s…

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