About Combatting School Injustice

This Blog site used to be called Educator Voices.  It was so named to reflect my intention to develop this into a group blog site. But I now know this is far too ambitious.  So not wanting to be seen as a prat – utilizing the royal ‘we’ –  I have renamed  it.  Hopefully it now more clearly reflects the key subject matter covered by my posts

The official name of this blog is pretty clear but its sub-title, ” Comenius Dreaming” requires some explanation. I have added this sub-title to honour the memory and vision of my father, Professor Phillip Hughes who died at the age of 85 in October 2011. This is his Photo taken just before he was diagnosed with cancer



Now Comenius, born in Moravia in 1592 was a champion for making education a respected field of study and for his vision of education for all.  Jean Piaget described him thus.

 “Comenius was the first to conceive the full-scale science of education”. His educational objective can be summed up in the phrase on the title page of The great didactic, “teaching thoroughly all things to all men”. He is also considered to be the first educator to have put forward the concept of international education. His ideas on education for everyone and for all peoples, and on the international organization of public education make him a forerunner of many modern institutions and trends of thought. Comenius’s efforts on behalf of universal education earned him the title of “Teacher of Nations”.

The relevance of Comenius to my father is that in 2008 he was awarded by UNESCO the prestigious Comenius Award in recognition of his life’s work.  This is a photo of this medal which I have inherited.


Given my father’s unwavering passion for equity in education this award was very apt.

2 thoughts on “About Combatting School Injustice

  1. philcullen says:

    Phil Hughes’ son! I wasn’t aware. Keeping up a marvellous tradition. Good work. We shared the D.O.P.E. title – he in Tassie, me in Q’ld. Great man. We shared some stuff. He wrote the foreword, for instance, for “Australian Primary Schools and their Principals by Prof. Bill Bassett, Lloyd and myself. Great memories. Onya. Phil Cullen

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